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I would definitely recommend Stefanie. Stefanie has not only the gift of insight but also the good decency of providing honest information. She won't read you simply to give you a good tickle in your confidence or your ego. She is an honest and soothing consultant who enjoys helping people learn how to find their paths and avoid any possible misfortunes. Rest assured that your time will be well spent in the company of Stefanie.


Stefanie has a gift for what she does. Her love for tarot goes beyond the reading, she truly cares about the readings and the people she reads for. She takes her time to explain things to you, and has empathy and understanding about you as a person. She is willing to work with you if there is something major going on in your life. She has become a source of strength and encouragement for me personally, and will definitely be returning for more readings! Thank you Stefanie :)


Stefanie has been doing tarot readings for me for a number of years, in that time she has been amazingly insightful, predicting the pregnancy and birth of my son, assisted me by giving insight into my marriage breakdown in a tactful but truthful and helpful way. I have no hesitation in giving Stefanie a referral as the best tarot reader I have experienced, not only does she give the real message without withholding the bad news, but shares insight in how to best deal with situations as they arise.


Stefanie is very accurate. Over the past 3 years she has been on point regarding very important aspects of my life, like career and matters of the heart. She is also very personable and easy to talk to, more like a friend than a reader. I highly recommend Stefanie!


I had a 'life' reading with Stefanie today. For the first time in a very long time, she gave me hope. She saw I'd be getting a great Job offer in the next 6 months. I've been wanting to leave my current job for many reasons & she just knew this.

She also picked up on gifts that I have. I've always had a very strong intuitive side & as well as being an empath. She walked me through the steps of protecting me from everything I pick up, which will be a huge help.

I've gone to many psychics but no one has been as personable, nice & down to earth as she. She is Very easy to talk to & made me feel like it was about what she saw in my cards, not money. I'll be referring her to friends, that's for sure!

I'll be keeping in touch with her! For sure. Thanks again Stefanie for your sharp insight.

Mary B

Recently got a life path reading from Stefanie and it was such a special experience and loved it thoroughly. She is such a sweet heart and a genuine person. I loved talking to her and she gave me good clarity on some things that have been giving me mental fogginess, making me feel much better about my life. I highly recommend her if you are looking for someone to shed some light on things that stress and confuse you! Really great experience!


When I called Stefanie for the first time, I was so happy, I had two readings , first 3 month and the life package, she helped me a lot for some questions that I had and she also directed me I called her back 3 months later, and everything that she saw happened, I was so happy, so I wanted to do another reading which she saw what's going on and told me what to do, I feel much better, she even mentioned things that I wasn't asking and told me to act about it, which I did ...Stefanie is trustful, honest and she have a big heart, she will help you as much as she can like she did with me, you can contact her anytime and she will answer you that day. Good Job Stefanie and thank you for everything! You are the best.


I too have been skeptical of psychics. However, there have been a couple psychics that have helped me change and recognize a course of my life when I've found myself at some sort of crossroads. I feel that Stefanie helped me with that today. She has never met me but she was spot on with issues that were weighing heavily on me. I felt like I was talking to a friend who was comfortable enough with me to call me out on all my insecurities so I can deal with them. She also sent me some meditations so I can work through things. She is very professional and patient. I would recommend her to friends. :)

Jennifer W

Great experience! Such a good positive vibe! I will be definitely staying in contact continuing with services! Who knows what the future holds.. She does!


I know this person personally and professionally. I regularly seek advice from this individual and the answers I receive are insightful and honest. I have trusted this person with sensitive private information in order to get the perspective I needed and this person responds with compassionate professionalism from a place of neutrality. It's well worth the investment when you are delivered such precise answers that give you peace of mind. This individual goes above and beyond to provide you with quality service. I highly recommend Stefanie.


I have used Stefanie's services many times and have known her for years. She has helped so much and always been honest. She doesn't just tell you what you want to hear. She has always offered sound and accurate advise.


Absolutely amazing! She is very caring. She will make you open up and believe in your spirit. I would like to say that she is the best in the business!! She is very honest and direct. She brings honesty to you in its most rarest form. You have to have a reading with this gifted woman! I highly recommend her to anyone that wants a genuine reader who's spirit is wonderful.


Stefanie is an outstanding reader. She picked up on things going on with me and was able to provide understanding and a resolution to the problem. I enjoyed her reading very much and it helped a lot!


Just got a reading, it was a very intense real reading. It was informative and I felt connections to my life. Thanks so Stefanie you have helped me out so much! I love you so much for helping me out.


For any one considering a reading from Stefanie, I have known Stef for over 20+ years, she is a truly gifted reader. Anyone can buy a deck of Tarot cards and memorize the cards meanings but it takes a truly gifted reader who is blessed with real psychic abilities to give you a "real" reading. . Those who merely memorized the generalized meanings of a tarot card can not give you a real reading, they may get lucky and come close sometimes but only a real psychic who's gift is channeled thru Tarot cards can deliver you the message which is truly meant for you. Stef is the real deal.


What can I say about my friend Stefanie . When we talk, and we do often, I find her to be a chatter box, and I like that. Talking to her always brings a smile to my face. Not because she has tickled me with some saying or insight, but just because of who she is. She is honest and straight forward with where she is coming from. While we don't always agree on some point, she is graceful in her disagreement and I like that even more. I am glad to call Stefanie one of my very good friends.


I've known Stefanie for at least ten years now, I've observed her doing readings, and giving advice. She's honest with what she feels and sees. I would recommend her for readings as long as the person is ready for something that isn't candy coated and engineered to tell them what they want. If you want an honest and at times opinionated reading with strong advice. Then you want a reading by Stefanie. Be prepared to face issues.


Stefanie has read for me several times when I was in need of some direction and clarity, and she was always spot on...more than just a reader, she is very intuitive and also knows the ups and downs of the human journey. I highly recommend her.


I truly enjoyed my reading with Stefanie. She was very insightful and made sure that I understood fully what the cards had to show about my future. Not only is she accurate with her reading but she also very personable. She puts a lot of her time, her self, and her heart into her gift and her audio meditations ( which I use daily ) I would recommend her to anyone looking for answers.


Stefanie is an incredible, passionate, accurate Tarot reader and Teacher.


I went to get a reading and found so much more. Her readings gave me the guidance I needed to handle difficult decisions and she reveals what's REALLY going on.


Stefanie, is a very accurate reader, honest, and direct... Would recommend her 100%.


This is a great site for readings, a very serious person about what she does, I've had few reads already and lots of advice and I can't tell you how helpful She's been to me.


Stefanie is the best! She gave me a reading on my love life and it was 100% dead on ! I highly recommend her services. She is the best on the web!


This lady is the real thing. I am so happy with her. She is so Great, I asked her to join my website as a reader. Only choose her if you want to know the truth.


Stefanie is a good reader. made me realize things I needed to pay attention to in my life. Would recommend her to people who want some help knowing themselves better.


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