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The Power of Vulnerability


Braving the Wilderness The Quest for Belonging

A friend introduced me to Brene's work and it changed my life.

Through Brene's discovery and work,

she found the root issue of what we all suffer from.

I did the work because I wanted my life to change

I wanted to be whole.

Doing this work helped me achieve that.

I am now whole and healed.

I listened to The Power of Vulnerability first and 

then years later I listened too

Braving the Wilderness the Quest for Belonging.

Each of these things gave me a deeper understanding of who I was and why my journey had been the way it had for so long. 

When I listened to Braving the Wilderness I had no idea the journey I was going to go on and how deeply I needed to heal. 

It was a surprise and extremely painful but in the work, I found a deeper sense of self and healing. 

Things I didn't even know I needed to work on things deep and hidden. 

This has been a deep journey in healing, it's painful but I found joy in learning to be more me and be authentic. 

I learned the power of play, I learned how to communicate in a different way. 

I am in a beautiful place in my walk and I am deeply grateful for Brene's work. 

If you need a partner on this journey please feel to reach out to me and I can assist you. 

Doing this work takes Bravery and Courage but it is so worth the rewards of what comes after.

I recommend that you listen to the Power of Vulnerability

and then Braving the Wilderness the Quest for Belonging

I did both things.

The end result was my wholeness and healing.

I hope that you find the same healing and wholeness I found.

You can find Brene's audiobooks on iTunes for a lower price. 

You do not need to have an iPhone etc to use iTunes. 

I have their media player on my computer. I actually prefer it for my music.

To Visit Brene's Site Click on the Image Below